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K-12 Software Solutions
An Employee Owned Company
"Striving to serve with excellence"
An Employee Owned Company
"Striving to serve with excellence"
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CMT offers successful software solutions to meet client needs. Please visit the following pages to learn more about the programs that are supported and provided by CMT.

LINQ is a complete family of software products for the support of administrative functions in government and education. The software is designed to enhance decision making by providing timely and accurate information to the administrator, in an interactive environment. To learn more about LINQ, please visit our LINQ Software products page.

CIMS Software
Computer Management Technologies, Inc. is a Certified Support and Services Associate with LINQ. For over thirty years, we have marketed and supported CIMS Software as an integrated package of applications which have become a standard for Michigan ISD's and school districts. CIMS software is a complete solution for managing everything from employee payroll and accounts payable, to student records, student schedules and student absences, to stock supplies and just about everything else in between. To learn more about CIMS Software that is supported by CMT, please visit our CIMS Software page.

Synergy is a student information system that delivers a rich feature set and reporting capabilities through a web browser. To learn more about Synergy, please visit our Synergy Software product page.

Curriculum Software
CMT offers curriculum software to clients with specific needs. If you would like more information on our curriculum programs available, please use our online contact form or email Barb Kostick. Check back from time to time as we are currently constructing a Curriculum Software page.

CMT's Custom Software
CMT has developed many custom programs to meet the needs of our clients. Any of our custom programs can be further customized for your school or business. For more information on CMT's custom programs available, please visit our Custom Software page.

Technical and Customer Service
CMT also offers software support agreements to our clients. To find out more on our technical and service agreements available, please visit our Services/Support page.