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An Employee Owned Company
"Striving to serve with excellence"
An Employee Owned Company
"Striving to serve with excellence"
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Customer Comments
Wyoming Public Schools
(Wyoming, MI)

Hamilton Southeastern Schools
(Fishers, IN)

Thanks Kim for all you do for us!

It's great to have a proven Disaster Recovery solution provided by our primary AS/400 software support vendor. I appreciate the relationship we have with everyone from CMT, and the service we receive.

Thanks again,

Pontiac School District
(Pontiac, MI)
I'm sending this email as a thank you to CMT, especially John, for all of the help and support during our migration to our new iSeries box! John's expertise with IBM systems is priceless, but add to that his patience and flexibility in dealing with Pontiac as we switched install dates to better serve our end-users, and he becomes absolutely amazing!

I just wanted to send a thank you and let you know how wonderful it was to work with John through all of our issues as we moved to a new server. The transition has been quite seamless and I haven't had any serious issues/complaints as of yet regarding the move.

John, thanks so much for all of your help!!!
We moved both Student and Financial this year.  We went to Alio for financial (LOVE IT) and of course Synergy (LOVE IT)!

We researched almost every popular package.  Our ISD had demos the year before on PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, and Skyward before we decided to change.  We did not like any of those packages.  They just did not have nearly the capability that we had with CIMS!  I wasn't about to go backwards.

Synergy - I can't even begin to tell you everything it can do (out of all the custom we did in CIMS and that was a lot - Synergy only had two things we had to re-create) and is so flexible that every district can set it up however they do business. 

We have been on Synergy just this year, so we just got done getting everything back in place (basics) and now we are ready to start using all the really cool new stuff that Synergy has that we didn't have in CIMS.  We are really excited about that - it has a whole LessonVue package that you can bring all of your curriculum into the TeacherVue and use it.  We will be starting that in the next couple months setting up and having it ready to go for next fall.

We also went to the conference this past fall - I was blown away with all the new features that they are putting into the application (at no additional charge).  Those new features are coming out in two phases - one the end of March and then another in the summer.  Edupoint really really listens to their customers.

Wyoming Public Schools
(Wyoming, MI)

I just wanted to let you know that your import worked perfectly!  We appreciate all your hard work on creating this for us.  As rock!!

Grand Haven Area Public Schools
(Grand Haven, MI)

I just want to send a quick thank you for all your help this week!  We have definitely streamlined a few processes (mostly AP payments) because of your help and support!

Also, thanks for your help with our W-2 non-issue!  I really appreciate how responsive and quick you guys were to support us.  I feel very lucky to have this relationship with CMT as we work through "newness".  :)